About Of Work For Our Company.

E-Commerce Company.

Our company work in E-Commerce Industry with success year of 20, A click away is the biggest e-commerce company in india.

Reselling Company.

Reselling industries is growth daily to daily very fast with e-commerce industry and reselling work is very simple and low invested plan.

Digital Marketing.

Our compnay launch our Digital marketing Courses for India’s Middle Class Students. They Learn, They Grow.

Direct Selling.

Direct Selling work is running fastly in after corona time. Indian Govt. Support This work for India’s Youth Devlopment.

About Of India’s Biggest E-Commerce Company A Click Away India Pvt. Ltd.

Our Company Work In Some More Fields For India Growths.


Our company want’s, you start your self business, not depand on 9 to 5 job. because job are  limited. and this time you had devlope your skills and lauchs thousands of job.


India is the biggest country in population. And We know indias growth for most available job for people. our company work for jobless person for india. We learn take about of job and provide a job.


We motive of the people for use of hand made items. Because last time when covid intred in india. then first support of people from mask , and these mask a totally hand made for our safety. we suggest you to you use hand made items.


We want totally thing menufactures in india. we devlop a totaly thing in india. we daily treaned new punlic and support for startup for menufacturarers. Because the start a startup in india. after we use a made in india thing.